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special events
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Special event medical standby services is our specialty. We provide added piece of
mind by remaining on-hand in case of an emergency situation at your special event.
When you gather large amounts of people together there is a tendency for someone to
need medical attention. We provide ambulance and Emergency Medical Services
(EMS) coverage for your special event. Our EMTs, Paramedics and EMS crews are

trained to find the best possible remedy for your guests to ensure a fun and safe event.
Planning a special event requires thinking about all the details including emergency
care. Let Spirit EMS take care of your EMS care concerns by stationing our vehicles
and EMS crews at your event today.

We offer special event medical standby at events large and small to help your event run
smoothly. Special Event Medical Standby is our specialty at Spirit EMS as we have
provided such for several events such as Country Concert in the Hills at Hickory Hill Lakes,
Eldora Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Darke and Miami County Fairs as
well as several other racing and competitive event venues throughout Ohio and Indiana.
We love taking care of your attendees so you can worry about more important aspects of
the event.

To request Spirit EMS at your next event, please contact Operations Manager Brian R.
Brown at 937-548-2800 ext. 203 or by email at to
arrange medical standby at your event. We would love to quote you out a cost for your
event to help plan every last detail out.

Special Events & Deployment
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