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Employment FAQs

  • Why do I want to work for Spirit Medical Transport?
    The owners and management team of Spirit Medical Transport, LLC understand what you do. The owners and managers are committed to excellent customer service to the point they themselves are certified to function on the ambulances and even make other transports such as wheelchair, etc. While every workplace has challenges, Spirit Medical Transport was founded by a group of EMS professionals who understand and appreciate the effort that must go into the everyday needs of the company. Our management team wears the same color of uniform as everyone else, with the full understanding as healthcare professionals that it’s the team approach – combined with compassion and care from everyone – that leads to paramount customer service combined with company success. At Spirit, we expect a great work ethic and the willingness to serve patients. Some individuals perceive the term EMS to mean “Earn Money Sleeping,” but to the employees at Spirit Medical Transport it means providing a high level of care and compassion for every patient we serve, no matter what time of day or night. By having a good attitude and a willingness to serve, it creates an environment that’s fun and educational – truly a good place to come to work daily with other people who become a part of your extended family. At Spirit, we strive to create a work environment that promotes a positive work environment. When you come to work at Spirit, it is a known fact there is a zero tolerance for continuous call-offs, poor attitudes, and substandard performance.
  • How much am I going to get paid?
    At Spirit, we have a base rate that all employees coming in the door start out at. Nonetheless, in evaluating your experience, certifications, total distance you will need to travel to / from work, we strive to offer a pay rate that is very competitive with the rest of the industry. Once you fill out an application and are considered for a job, your hourly rate can be discussed at the first interview.
  • What kind of shifts will I work?
    We incorporate numerous shifts into our schedule. We are constantly updating the openings we have within our company, many of which open up because of an increasing need for the services we provide. While schedules are sometimes subject to change, management is always evaluating the effectiveness of the shifts it has created to ensure coverage during high call volume times are met to the very best of the company’s ability. Examples of some of our EMS shifts are 24 / 48’s, 12 hour shifts, 8 hour shifts, and float shifts (variable starting and ending times). Our drivers also have varying times, working various shifts, normally 10-12 hours in total duration, that start as early as 4 a.m. and run as late as 10 p.m.
  • Will I only be doing non-emergency transports?
    Absolutely not! Spirit is a very diverse company with the types of services it offers. Not only are we the contracted 9-1-1 provider in the entire eastern half of Wayne County, Indiana, we also operate a Mobile Intensive Care unit 24 hours a day, seven days-a-week to give EMS professionals the opportunity to sharpen their critical care skills. We also serve a number of local hospitals where specialty care is miles away from the original care setting. The professionals at Spirit are the ones entrusted with care, and responsible for treating and transporting these patients from one hospital to the next to ensure the highest level of care is provided. Our EMS division is also contracted to work at a number of special local events such as Eldora Speedway, Country Concert in the Hills at Hickory Hill Lakes, Dayton Records Run Boat Races, Earlham College football games, just to name a few. Moreover, our van drivers not only transport people to / from hospitals and doctor’s offices, we are also contracted to provide a great deal of non-medical transportation as well. Particularly, we are responsible to transport nearly 35 students to school every day and we also provide services to Passport clients that include transporting people with specialized needs to the grocery, church, family funerals, etc.
  • What kind of protocol does Spirit Medical Transport have?
    The employees of Spirit operate off three different protocols, depending on the locality of the station the employee is functioning out of. Many of the protocols are similar, if not duplicates of one another. Spirit is a member of the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council and participates in their drug bag exchange program for all transports within the Ohio region it services. For our Indiana-based crews, the service utilizes the Reid Health protocols. In cases of critical care transports, a specialized in-house protocol developed through the assistance of our Medical Director is utilized in the care of the most critically ill and injured patients. Because of the different protocols we function under, our protocols are made available to our crews from this website through a specially created employee portal.
  • Does Spirit have a supportive Medical Director?
    Our two medical directors are amazing gentlemen who are very active and responsive to the needs of our company and its workforce. Our Ohio Medical Director is Dr. Robert Girmann, MD. Dr. Girmann oversees the emergency department at Wayne HealthCare in Greenville and has served as Spirit’s Medical Director since the very first day its doors opened. A newcomer to the medical director arena for Spirit is Dr. Michael Smith, MD of Reid Health. Dr. Smith is very interactive with EMS crews and holds monthly in-services to educate EMS crews. It also isn’t rare to find Dr. Smith working aside crews at major incident scenes. In fact, Dr. Smith is so involved in the success of everyday EMS, he’s even went to the extent of allowing a very capable paramedic crew care for an injured patient while he drove them to the hospital. It is for these reasons, when Spirit was seeking a medical director after taking over the 9-1-1 contract in Wayne County, Indiana’s Medical Director of the Year – Dr. Michael Smith – was the right pick for Spirit Medical Transport, LLC.
  • Can I expect training at Spirit Medical Transport?
    Sure thing! Spirit is in the process of updating our in-house training opportunities for its workforce. Nevertheless, we offer continuing education such as CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc. We also offer an entire series of training to our drivers, dispatchers, billers, and other support staff. Additionally, at our Greenville office, we have a large classroom that seats over 50 people, as well as a conference room for smaller groups to train. We promote regular in-services on equipment, annual protocol trainings, and checkoffs, as well as monthly and annual educational opportunities for ultimate career success.
  • How will I communicate with dispatch during my shift?
    Spirit utilized the MotoTurbo radio system, a state of the art communications system through Motorola. This radio system has the ability to communicate directly with dispatch from as far north as Lake Erie to as far south as the Ohio River. As you head eastward, Columbus is about the limit of radio range, while Connersville, IN is about as far west as the radio will reach. Each company vehicle is equipped with a mobile radio and all ambulances are equipped with mobile and portable radios. Our wheelchair and ambulatory vans are also equipped with cell phones and every unit has a GPS device. All vehicles are also equipped with GPS tracking for the benefit of dispatch and realistic ETA’s.
  • How much report writing will I be responsible of doing?
    On the EMS side, everything from PCR’s to PCSs to refusals is completed on the computers in each vehicle. The patient, nurse, and crew all sign their signatures right on the screens and the form is electronically submitted to our Quality Assurance Department who works directly with our field staff to ensure all needed documentation is gathered at the time of transport. For our drivers, it’s just a matter of collecting billing and pick-up / drop-off signatures, as well as the occasional needed Physician Certification Statement. Then, at the conclusion of your shift, it’s as simple as signing a computer generated report that gets matched up with your signatures and you are done for the day. All crew scheduling is done online. The only thing you can’t do from your electronic devise is clock-in for work. Every other form or schedule you might need is just a click away at our website.
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